Christ in the Book of Matthew

Christ in the Book of Matthew This is the story of a young man who tries to teach those He encounters about the ways of God. Since His birth in Bethlehem, Christís life is marked by extraordinary events. His birth is miraculous in that his mother conceives as a virgin, and the appearance of a star over His birthplace baffles contemporary astrologers. Little is known of His youth, but at the age of thirty, Christís mission on Earth begins with His baptism by John. From this point forward, Christ spends the brief remainder of his life trying to educate people about Godís intentions and, specifically, what God asks of them. Essentially, Christ comes to spread the Word of God, to reveal the path that leads to closeness to God. During this period of teaching, Christ cultivates a number of disciples and followers, as well as a great number of enemies. While His teachings in the three years after His baptism represent the bulk of His mission, Christís greatest miracle occurs at His death. Of the many enemies He collects, many are powerful officials in both the Jewish and Roman communities. Both groups despise Him for fomenting change and possibly, in the future, rebellion. Because of these fears, the Jews hand him over to the Romans for persecution. The Romans judge His actions worthy of crucifixion, and at the age of thirty-three, Christ dies on the cross. The miracle comes in three days: Christ rises from the grave, conquering death, and revealing His place as the Son of God.