An American Institution

As you walk up the stairs, you look back and see thousands of people coming to the same large garage type metal door that you are standing at. As the door rolls open, the first thing you see are the metal turnstiles that those thousands of people will push through. You hand the man your ticket and push through the turnstile. Suddenly, first thing to hit you is the strong odor of beer and ball park franks. You look and find that there is a chance to buy numerous amounts of food as well as a number of souvenirs. You walk on, hearing the roar of people growing louder. By now they are almost upon you, but that is all right because you are nearing the tunnel to take you out to the stands. At the first look down the tunnel, all you see is the bright blue sky, but as you start to walk down, the picture begins to grow larger. Seats start to appear, with people running around trying to find their seat before the game starts. The next thing is the vendors, all positioned and ready for the game. Then you see the field. A lush green carpet with a brown diamond cut into it, spreads out before you. This diamond has three padded bags and an oddly shaped piece of plastic as plates. The field technicians are running around preparing the field for the game. You stop and look toward left field. There you see the Wall of Fame plastered with the likenesses of Yankee greats such as Mickey Mantle. You see the upper two decks beginning to fill with people. The vendors start to make their rounds as the National Anthem is sung. You hear the loud organ being played over the speakers just before a voice says, "P-l-a-y ball!!" The crowd erupts with an immense cheer as the Yankees take the field. The vendors begin to cry. One says, "Hot dogs, get your hot dogs here!" Another vendor joins in crying, "Beer, beer a buck fifty!" They toss peanuts here and pass a hot dog there. The smell overwhelms you. The crowd is now shouting cheers and jeers at the players on the field. Yankee stadium, as well as it's fans, is a great American Institution.