Reveal Yourself

When a person writes they take a great liberty by showing what they think. Any person can do this. Writers tend to give their likeness or what they would like to appear as to their characters. If the work is nonfiction the writer tends to take their own point of view to show injustices. This is why the statement, "Every writer, to a lesser of greater degree, reveals something about himself or herself through their writing." is true. When a writer writes about one of this worlds many injustices it is often from their own point of view. An example of this is when John Lame Deer and Richard Erdoes wrote "Talking to the Owls and Butterflies." In this essay the writers are talking about the environment. They talk to the readers about their views of the environment. The say how the environment is dying and will be taking us with it. This essay is used by them to show that they are correct and the world is wrong. The purpose of writing is portray your views to the world. By writing you are telling the world what you believe and think should be changed. This is proved time and time again throughout history and literature. Writers use their writings to portray possible solutions to societies problems. The writer reveals himself or herself through their writing.