Up in Smoke

Different lifestyles have many routines. These routines generally make up what we do everyday. Some people spend large amounts of time on an addiction society has learned to accept. This addiction is smoking. Smokers have many differences from non-smokers. They are not entirely different, however. Smokers have, for the most part, the same appearance as every other person. They have ways of hiding the fact that they smoke. They have breath mints, tooth dye to hide the disgusting yellow teeth, and heavy perfume to hide the scent of smoke, but all of these put together can not hide everything. One major difference is the ability to breath. When a person smokes they inhale tar which clogs up their lungs. After a period of time this could cause even the everyday task of climbing the stairs to become very tedious. The person has shortness of breath and eventually receives an ailment known as the smokers cough which plagues most smokers. This is caused by the smoke agitating the smokers lungs. The lungs try to make mucus to stop this agitation, but all that does is make the smoker cough. Another difference is the fact that often smokers are willing to risk things non-smokers will not, just to have a cigarette. An example of this is all the smokers huddling outside a non-smoking building. They stand out there even in the coldest of whether just to have a cigarette. What this boils down to is an addiction. This addiction makes the smoker have tension problems when trying to quit. They spend thousands of dollars every year on cigarettes, and the government spends millions on those who sick because of their addiciton to cigarettes. The need for a cigarette will often make rational people irrational. When the need for a cigarette comes they will do anything to get one. One can see this in the example of a person walking up to a stranger and practically begging for a cigarette. When not given one they move on desperately seeking a cigarette. A non-smoker would never even think of approaching a stranger and asking for something as trivial as a breath mint, because they do not have an addiction for them. Since it is not an addiction, one should not compare breath mints to cigarettes, but the point is made. People live different lifestyles. There is nothing any person can do to stop this. The problem arises when a large amount of people are driven by an addiction in their lifestyle. People must unite to support smokers, for in many ways they are just like non-smokers. It is the ways that they are different that cause the need for non-smoker's help. If they do not accept the help, then they just go up in smoke.