The Death of Cancer

The death of cancer The end of the modern plague, cancer, has almost arrived. This statement is supported in an article in Scientific America. The title of this article is "Immortal's Enzyme," and was written by John Rennie. Reserchers in California and Ontario have found what appears to be an "immortalizing enzyme." The name of the enzyme is telomerase. The way this enzyme it works, is it rejuvinates the tips of "specialized segments of highly reprodetitive DNA found at the tips of chromosomes." These tips ore called telomers. The job of the telomers is to keep the chromosomes from becoming corrupt. This then allows the cells to continuosly split forever. The way the enzyme works is that they keep the telomers from slowly stripping away, which is what they do in normal cells. The only tumor they have found this in is a cancer in the ovaries. There are now studies being done on a quantity of other tumor cells, and those results should be known soon according to Harley Bacchetti. If telomerase is found in other cancer cells but is not found in normal cells, it would be a huge breakthrough in the fight against cancer. The hypothesis for this article is that an inhibitor can be found for telomerase, and it can be used in the fight against cancer. The results of this hypothesis are uknown according to the article. The hypothesis has not yet been proven or disproven. If it is proven correct the world should rejoice over all the lives that could be saved.