Extraterrestrial Biological Entities in Reality

Extraterrestrial Biological Entities in Reality In 1898 a well-known author by the name of H. G. Wells wrote a book about the coming of an extra-terrestrial race that would try to conquer earth. Orson Welles read H. G. Wells' work over the radio on October 31, 1938. This reading caused mass hysteria and many suicides to take place. These events happened because the people thought that extra-terrestrial beings were actually trying to take control of earth. This massive upheaval of people's lives may soon happen again, but not because of a fictitious work being read over the radio. It would be because the fact that extraterrestrial biological entities do exist, has been made known. One night in July of 1947 during a violent thunder storm, a flying saucer crashed near Corona, New Mexico. This was to be the first documented report of a flying saucer. The man who found it was a farmer by the name of Brazel. There were numerous other witnesses as well. One of these was a neighbor who he showed a piece of metal from the flying saucer to. The metal was about the thickness of tin foil, but could not be punctured. It could be folded easily but when reopened no crease would be visible. This as well as other pieces of unknown materials was found in the half-mile wreckage. There were also living extraterrestrial found there. Two were dead, but one was in perfect condition caring for an injured one. The government released a statement that it had found a crashed flying saucer, but about a week later they stated that what they had found was a crashed weather balloon. This was the beginning of a cover-up that would last through the present day. A man by the name of Don Schmitt recently tried to create a timeline, and find out what truly happened. Schmitt reports, "There is clear evidence of a cover-up. More evidence, in fact, of a cover-up than ever before" (Pelham 2). This hypothesis was created by trying to find out more about what happened more than 48 years ago. Schmitt says that they have traced all of the people involved in this siting and know exactly who did what. They all deny involvement, and therefore the cover-up is still on going. Jerrome Clark, a leading UFO researcher, states that the answers to the questions "Are UFOs real? Are they physically and intelligently controlled? and Are they controlled by Biological Entities that originate outside of this world? are all yes" (Pelham 1-2). The Roswell case is a monumental one. This case brought about the creation of a group called MJ-12. MJ-12 is a secret group which was set up by President Truman with the purpose of sifting through all the facts, evidence, technology, lies and deception and to find the truth concerning the alien questions. This group consisted of prominent members of the 1947 society. The top twelve members were given the code names J-1 through J-12, and were called MJ-12. This group of twelve men has complete control. The director of the CIA was appointed J-1 and ran MJ-12. This elite group of men was responsible only to the president. There are many groups that were set up by MJ-12 (Pelham 2). One of these groups was known as MAJI. MAJI stands for Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence. This groups major responsibility is to collect and evaluate all information, disinformation and intelligence. This agency operates with the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency. All alien projects were under this groups control. MAJI was responsible only to MJ-12 (Pelham 2). The next two agencies, Sigma and Plato, worked together. Sigma was the first agency to make contact with extraterrestrial. It was their job to maintain this contact. Plato was in charge of diplomatic relationships with the alien life forms. This agency is under high scrutiny. The reason for this is that it is said to have a contract with the aliens. However, there is no evidence to support this hypothesis (Pelham 2). Another agency is the Aquarius project. This Aquarius' purpose was to research the beginning of the UFO's visits to the Earth. They have traced the presence and interaction of aliens back 25,000 years (Pelham 2). One of the first recorded stories is in the Book of Dzyan. It was written down only after man had learned to write. Before that, the story was passed down orally through out the generations. One story is of a metallic ship which orbited the Earth a few times before landing: These beings lived to themselves and were revered by the humans among whom they had settled. But eventually differences arose among the and they divided their numbers, several of the men and women and some children settled in another city, where they were promptly installed as rulers by the awe-stricken populace (Ecker 3). In this quote from the book the people were instantly revered. The book states before this segment that they arrived in a metal ship. This would reinforce the argument that the beings were not of this Earth. The book goes on to say that there was strife between the two cities. The one city fired a "great shining lance" at the other city. This caused a "great ball of fire. All those who were in the city burned and even those who were not in the city but nearby were burned also. Those who looked upon the lance and the ball of fire were blinded forever afterward" (Ecker 3). The story says the dust of the city was poisoned. This sounds an very similar to what occurs after a nuclear explosion. The technology of the human race was nowhere near advanced enough at this time to cause an explosion of that power. It is this reason that most highly supports the existence of alien life at this time (Ecker 3). There is also a story that has been passed down from the Irish heritage. It takes place around 956 A. D. It describes numerous "demonships" (Ecker3). In one story, one of these ships becomes entangled with the steeple of a church. A man from the ship climbed down to try to free it, but the townspeople captured him. The Bishop forced the people to release the man, and he immediately went back up the rope to the ship. The crew of the ship cut the rope and the ship rose into the sky. The whole time he was climbing the rope it is said he appeared to be swimming in water, rather than climbing in air. These are but two of many folklore found by this agency (Ecker 4). MJ-12 in affiliation with all these sub-agencies, has had living EBEs in captivity. The first was from the crashed saucer in 1947. It died in captivity. EBEs are extraterrestrial biological entities. There are three major types: the long-nosed grays, the abduction grays, and the Nordics. The long-nosed grays are the ones that are in control. The other abduction grays work for the long-nosed grays. The abduction grays are the ones most frequently seen. They are about four feet tall, gray, have a small mouth and have a large head and eyes. They are the ones that abduct people. The Nordics are blond and appear to be human. The Nordics are not affiliated with the grays (Pelham 3). There are many theories affiliated with the aliens. One of the theories was already touched on. This was the theory that the government has a contract with the aliens. This contract exchanges alien technology for the aliens ability to take animals and abduct humans at will. The aliens must give the government a list of abductees (Pelham, 3). Another theory is that there is an alien base on the far side of the moon. Since humans only see one side of the moon it is safe there. These aliens reportedly told the astronauts in the first lunar expedition not to land on the moon. Armstrong reported to mission control, "There are other space craft out there, lined up on the crater's edge. They're on the moon, watching us!" During an answer and question period Armstrong also made the statement, "I can't go into detail except to say that their ships were superior to ours both in size and technology" (Zeiler 1). Another theory has to do with religion. This theory says that the aliens "created all Homo Sapiens through hybridization" (Corbin 1). They further claim that they created all of the worlds major religions. They claim to have a hologram of Christ on the cross. They claim to have made him up. This claim was stated by aliens that landed at Holloman, New Mexico. These aliens landed to talk to the representatives of the government. No person knows for sure what exactly was discussed at these meetings (Corbin 1-2). There have been movies and television shows about aliens. These movies, it is said, were created in order to prepare us for the coming of the aliens. One such movie is Fire in the Sky. This film was about a man who got abducted. It went through his pain and suffering. The aliens took him to their ship were they ran tests on him, then sealed him in a chamber where he was to decompose and die. He, however, escaped. Another example is the television show The X files. This show is about two FBI agents whose daily job is to delve into the unknown. A large amount of these shows deal with abductions. These are just two examples of the many shows which have come out in the past few years. These shows examine many real cases and many are based on true facts. Another example is the show Unsolved Mysteries. They had a segment in one show that tried to find out the facts behind a UFO seen on a major highway in the Hudson Valley region of New York. This case really happened as most of the cases on Unsolved Mysteries do. This case was investigated by a man named Philip J. Imbrogno as well. The case consisted of a large object with eight white lights making up the underside, and multicolored lights on the sides of a gray object. Numerous people witnessed this event (Imbrogno 1-6). There are many more UFO cases that have originated in the Hudson Valley. The Hudson Valley appears in the Museum of Natural History because of UFOs. There is a mineral found only in the Hudson Valley, and is needed by the aliens for some unknown reason. This is the reason for many underground compounds. In the middle of the night a person can walk out to the middle of a certain field and hear heavy construction taking place, but no machinery can be seen. Many ordinary people who have previously not believed in UFOs have seen them as well. One is the story of a man who works in the prison and comes home very early in the morning. On this particular morning as the man was pulling up to his house he saw a glowing disc shaped object behind his house. He continued to drive rather than pull into his drive way. After about a mile he decided to turn around and go back. When he returned it was still there. He spent the remainder of the morning watching the UFO move from the field to the woods and back again. This story was from a man who never believed in UFOs before (Crystall 185-195). What exactly is an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO)? According to United States Air Force Regulation 80-17 a UFO is "any arial phenomenon or object which is unknown or appears to be out of the ordinary to the observer." In today's society, however, the term UFO has come to mean "an object which behaves in a strange or erratic manner while moving through the Earth's atmosphere" (Imbrogno 3). This strange incident has caused many emotions and an awesome curiosity among a large group of the worlds population. The average person is interested in UFOs because they love a mystery. The military is interested because of the possible threat to the nation's security. The scientific community is interested because of the basic curiosity that led them into becoming researchers in the first place. There are to many documented cases throughout the world and history for aliens to be a large practical joke. Many researchers and scientists agree. Philip J. Imbrogno once stated, "What ever UFOs are they do exist and the phenomenon is world wide!" (Imbrogno 1). On the topic of abductions, Don Ecker states, "the evidence is overwhelming that this mystery has affected possibly thousands of individuals in a manner that far exceeded any possible psychosis." A man by the name of John Lear put it best: "The sun does not revolve around the earth. The United States Government has been in business with little gray extraterrestrials for about 20 years. The first truth stated here got Giordano Bruno burned at the stake in AD 1600 for daring to propose that it was real. The second truth has gotten far more people killed trying to state it publicly than will ever be known" (Lear, 5). UFOs are real and the government does not want the people to know. If the people were to find given the truth a revolution would most likely break out. This is why at first the secrecy was for the safety of the people, but now it is for the government's safety! Work Cited Corbin, Michael. "Extraterrestrial Biological Entities" (1991). Online. Paranet. 19 October 1995. Available: wiretap.spies.com:70. Crystall, Elen. Silent Invasion: The Shocking Discoveries of a UFO Researcer. New York: Paragon House, 1991. Ecker, Don. "United States Air Force and UFOlogy" (1994). Online. Paranet. 19 October 1995. Available: www.schmitzware.com. Imbrogno, Philip J. "Government Coverup of a Classic Ufo Case?" (1990). Online. Paranet. 19 October 1995. Available: www.schmitzware.com. Lear, John. "Statement Released." Operation Majority (1987). Online. Internet. 4 November 1995. Available: wiretap.spies.com:70. Pelham, Tony. Las Vegas Bullet (1989). Online. Internet. 4 November 1995. Available: wiretap.spies.com:70. Zeiler, Brian. 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