Abortion is the ridding of a human fetus. There are many debates on when a fetus becomes a living being. This war has raged on since the beginning of modern abortions. No one person is at liberty or has enough knowledge to declare when a fetus is living. No man knows who a fetus will become. The problem with abortion is the fact that the fetus that is going to become a human is never given a chance. The reason this is a problem is the fact that it can not be known what kind of person the fetus would have turned into. It can not be known whether the aborted fetus was the next Martin Luther King. It physically impossible to differentiate between the next Malcolm X and the next Charles Manson when the being is still in fetus form. There are reasons that abortion may be justified. If the mother and child are both going to die, abortion is justified. The same is not true, however, in the case of a rape. The child that comes out of that rape could be a wonderful person that could donate a lot to society. The Protestants believe abortion is an "act of sin and wickedness" and due to the fact this is the religion of which I affiliate myself with it is what I believe. Ecclesiastes says, "Thou knowest not how the bones grow in the womb of she that is with child." No man can judge who a fetus will become. No man knows as a fact when it becomes living. For these reasons abortion is wrong.