Alcohol, celebrating the color of life.

Advertisement is the art of using a certain thing which pertains to a certain audience and use it to persuade the reader. The point to advertisement is to persuade the reader to buy the object the advertiser is selling. Some of the best persuasive advertisements are alcohol advertisements. These advertisements are aimed at different age groups, and give the reader different information about different alcohol. In the end they all try to accomplish the same thing: to get the reader to purchase the product. The perfect example of the advertiser pleading to what the reader wants is this Bacardi advertisement. The advertisement makes the statement that adding Bacardi alcohol to a persons life will add color to an otherwise normal, black and white life. This pleads to the needs of a person to have fun, and break away from the usual, the black and white. Also, notice the fact that the splash of Bacardi causes the dogs to be on a beach. This is another tool of the creator to persuade the reader to buy Bacardi alcohol. This brings the fact that people need to relax out more. This persuades the reader by causing them to connect relaxing with Bicardi alcohol. Another advertisement is the Jack Daniels advertisement. This advertisement is trying to persuade the reader to buy Jack Daniel's Whiskey. The creator of this advertisement persuades the reader to purchase this whiskey by telling the reader that the whiskey has been around for a long time. This insinuates that the whiskey is a good one. It also states a good reason to drink Jack Daniel's Whiskey. This reason is that it is his birthday during the month of September. The day is not exactly known, so any day a drink can be supported by saying that it is in his honor. The advertisement also states at the bottom that it is a "Smooth Sippin' Tennesse Whiskey." This is another support for the fact that it is trying to persuade the reader that this alcohol is a good one. The point of these advertisements is to get the readers attention so they will buy the alcohol in one rather than the alcohol in the other. Personally I find the Bacardi advertisement more convincing due to the fact that it is aimed at my generation. The Jack Daniel's Whiskey advertisement is aimed more towards the ages older than twenty-five. The Bacardi advertisement is aimed at people younger than that. The way this conclusion is reached is the presence of the dogs in the one, and the lack of any colorful, eye catching pictures in the other. The colors caught my eye, and the message was one I could relate to. When given to the proper reader both would persuade that reader. Persuasion is a game played on people every day. The problem with advertisement is that it is hard to have an advertisement aimed at all age groups. Therefore when persuading a reader it is often pointed at the reader which will probably purchase the largest amount of the product. This is not just done in the alcohol business, but in every business that has advertisement. Persuasion is a very powerful tool when used correctly.