The Need for Religion

Freud claims in Faith Religion & Theology that "religion is a crutch," and people who believe in any God are immature and will never grow up. These statements in Faith Religion & Theology are supported by many well thought out arguments and make a good argument. Although, I have trouble believing these statements of people who believe in religion are immature. People mature or not, need religion to explain life. Religion does many things for people such as help them cope with death, comfort, relax, and help them deal with problems that arise. Without religion I believe much of society could not cope with reality of death, war, and natural disasters. Meaning, when someone dies that is very close to them instead of saying the truth which could be many things such as he smoke and got cancer, they just say its Gods will, although some religious people do understand he died because hed smoke and death is just part of life. I do not believe all religious people pass the blame as Freud states. When people start to say I do not have to worry about the earth because God will look after it, that is immature and people like that are just nieve. When people use the Bible or other books of other religions to make decisions about their life that can be good in some ways but also bad. The Bible, firstly has been changed many times and today is different when first written, secondly the Bible was written a long-time-ago with different lifestyle and dilemmas, how can somebody live by one book when so many other books contradict what that book says in some parts. People take certain religious books to literally, and depend on the religion to much, instead of opening their eyes to the real world and what is going on, these are the immature people of religion. But the people who do not get lost in the idea of God's will and passing the blame are the mature people of religion. These people still finds value in religion. To answer the question of religion and having value for mature people, I would have to say yes, but some people who depend on religion too much are immature. To say a person is not mature because he finds religion to be comforting in explaining lives problems would be a ridicules statement. Religion is needed for people to survive lives question of "why are we here," "what is after death?"