Overview of Casablanca

"Casablanca" has many different distinct characters that make the movie what it is today, along with its well-written script. The corruptibility of the police, especially Renault, allows Rick to have his way in Casablanca. Although Renault is under Strasser of the Third Reich command, he still does not always tell Strasser all of what he knows. One major part is when Renault knows Rick has the travel visas that the German couriers got killed for. The dilemmas that Rick faces in the movie are to give the travel visas to Isla and Victor or not. This simple act of giving up the visas has many consequences. If he does not give the visas to them then he will have conspired with the Third Reich and lose a 10,000 franc bet with Renault. If he does give up the visas he loses the only women he has ever truly loved. The theme in "Casablanca" is a love story and a story of friendship, and the sentimentalism of Rick. The plot is: whether Rick will give up the visas and allow Isla to leave? The structure of the movie is amazing it has every little aspect of the movie including where the camera is and how they are shooting scenes. One of the most substantial scenes has to be 161 on page 99 of the script. This is when Annina ask Rick if Renault is a fair man, and she tells Rick that she does not have enough money for the visas to America. In scene 163 when Annina looks down and her lips are trembling you can really see how important it is to her. Then Rick in scene 173 goes to Annina husband, Jan and tells him to bet black 22, and then again black 22 and the man wins, thus getting enough money for his and Annian visas. This tells the viewer that Rick is a sentimentalist. These scenes are a range from close up to full shots, but in scene 169 when the croupier knows what Rick wants just by the look he gives him, this is important. The croupier and the audience know just from the look what Rick wants, and that is for Jan, Annina husband to win and eventually end up with visas. The next couple of scenes you se how much Rick’s employees and friends appreciate him.