Denny's Restaurant

Dennyís Restaurant A man is trying to convince the listener that Dennyís has so much more than late night food for drunks. ANNCR: Hello. This radio commercial has a purpose. Iím here to tell you what Dennyís restaurant is all about. Sure, you might think that it is just a place for drunk people to eat late at night, but we have so much more. We serve every different style of breakfast under the sun, and every morning you get free coffee, which helps.... especially if you came in last night and you were drunk. We offer a businessmanís lunch Monday through Friday which guarantees your meal in less than 10 minutes. That time is important to business men, we realize. Iím sorry but the same time deal doesn't not apply late at night, because usually everyone is drunk and doesn't care about the time. Our dinner menu compares to any 5 star Restaurant, but our prices don't. And we know price is important...unless you're drunk, then it really makes no difference. So come on in to Denny's, if youíre hungry for breakfast, need a quick lunch, want to have a nice family dinner...or if youíre drunk.