Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen


Jane Austen was from England and she was alive during the late 1700’s/early 1800’s. She was the chick who wrote Sense and Sensibility (that bad artsy film). She wrote about society in England and how people needed money and stuff. The title comes from the 2 main qualities of the main characters. Darcy has too much pride (he’s cocky) and Elizabeth has too much prejudice (hatred) for Darcy. As soon as they get rid of these feelings, they fall in love.



Elizabeth Bennett: She’s the main chick in the story. She’s about 21. She is smart and full of personality. In the beginning she hates Darcy, but then starts to love him.

Fitzwilliam Darcy: He’s the main dude in the story. He is rich and handsome. He’s also REALLY cocky and thinks he’s the shit. He starts to become "un-cocky" as he falls in love with Elizabeth. He realizes that to win her heart he has to be a nice guy.

Jane Bennett: She is the hottest of the sisters. She hides her emotions a lot.

Charles Bingley: He is a rich, handsome dude. He falls in love with Jane. His self-esteem is a little low.

Mr. Bennett: Jane and Elizabeth’s daddy. He isn’t very happy with his marriage or his family. He is really pisses he doesn’t have a son to give the estate to in his will.

George Wickham: He’s a handsome dude. In the beginning Wickham tells Elizabeth a lie about how Darcy cheated him out of money. she believes him and he SEEMS like a nice guy. Elizabeth has so much "prejudice" against Darcy, that she doesn’t doubt Wickham at all. Then we find out he is a scumbag who likes young girls.

Charlotte Lucas: Elizabeth’s friend. She’s not very pretty. She marries Rev. Collins, not for love, but so she’ll have a secure life.



The story starts out with the Bennett family in their "estate" called Longburn. This good looking rich dude named Mr. Bingley movies into their neighborhood. Bingley has the hots for Jane Bennett. Bingley’s friend Darcy doesn’t like them together because he thinks Jane is white trash. So Darcy plans with Bingley’s sisters to break them up. Meanwhile, Darcy has the hots for Jane’s sister Elizabeth.

Elizabeth thinks Darcy is a rich asshole. She hears lots of bad stuff about him and how he’s a prick to people. She hears he’s cheated George Wickham out of his inheritance. then Wickham and Elizabeth fall in love because he’s a good looking dude.

Mr. Bennett has no son, so his estate goes to his closest male relative. The closest relative is this dude named Mr. Collins. He’s an arrogant priest. He ends up marrying Elizabeth’s friend Charlotte. She marries him to get away from her crappy life.

Elizabeth sees Charlotte a lot. Darcy goes to visit his aunt a lot. They run into each other. Darcy asks Elizabeth to marry him but she still says no, because he’s a prick. She’s mad that he screwed up Jane and Bingley’s love affair and also cheated Wickham. Darcy admits to screwing with Jane and Bingley, but tells her that Wickham is a jerk. Elizabeth believes him. then Elizabeth goes on a trip with her aunt and uncle. They go to Darcy’s mansion. His housekeeper tells her what a sweetheart the guy is.

Then everyone finds out that Wickham ran away with Lydia Bennett, who is 16 years old (cradle robber). Elizabeth feels stupid for trusting Wickham and not Darcy. Darcy goes and finds the couple. He basically pays off Wickham to leave Lydia. Elizabeth finds out what good deeds Darcy did and starts to really like him. Bingley marries Jane and Elizabeth agrees to marry Darcy.



Chapter 1-3

  • The story starts out with the Bennetts.
  • Mrs. Bennett tells her husband about this rich handsome dude who is moving in. She thinks he’ll marry one of her daughters.
  • Mr. Bennett jokes around with his wife and makes a joke about how Mr. Bingley won’t be attracted to his daughters.
  • The Bennetts then finally meet Bingley.
  • Then Bingley comes to the Bennett house. All the girls are watching him
  • The girls ask daddy what Bingley is like. Then a neighbor comes over and tells them he’s a nice, rich handsome dude.
  • Then the story shifts to a ball ( dance). Bingley is there with his rich friend Darcy.
  • Darcy is rude to the people and treats the women at the ball like dirt.

Chapter 4-6

  • Jane tells Elizabeth she has the hots for Bingley. She thinks his sisters are cool too. Elizabeth doesn’t like Bingley’s sisters.
  • Meanwhile, Bingley and Darcy are talking about the ball. Bingley had fun.
  • Bingley tells Darcy he has the hots for Jane. Darcy doesn’t think she’s "all that".
  • Then the Bennett’s neighbors (Lucases) come over. The 2 families talk about the ball.
  • Mrs. Bennett thinks Darcy is an arrogant prick. Elizabeth does too.
  • Bingley’s mom visits with Jane’s mom (Mrs. Bennett). Bingley’s mom tells her that her daughters want to see Jane more.
  • Elizabeth doesn’t really trust the Bingley sisters, but she kinda knows that if they wanna see Jane more, it means that Charles Bingley likes her.
  • Elizabeth talks with the neighbor, Charlotte Lucas. She talks about how Jane is hiding her romantic feeling for Bingley. Elizabeth thinks that is good because the man should be the one to show interest first.
  • Charlotte Lucas thinks that’s bad. She thinks Jane is hiding her feeling TOO much, so much that Charles doesn’t get any "signals" and he will never think she likes him.
  • Darcy starts to watch Elizabeth and kinda develop a little crush on her. He said he thought she was ugly in the past, but now he follows her around and asks her to dance.

Chapters 7-9

  • Kitty and Lydia ( 2 youngest Bennett girls) go into town to shop and stuff.
  • They hear that some army will be staying in the town. They are happy because there will be lots of hot army guys around.
  • Mrs. Bennett has a plan to make Jane and Charles Bingley hook up. Jane goes to the Bingley house for dinner. Mrs. Bennett makes her ride a horse instead of a carriage (that way if it rains, Jane has to stay overnight).
  • It rains and Jane and Elizabeth both stay overnight in the same house as Charles and his cocky pal Darcy.
  • Jane gets sick (from the rain) and Elizabeth takes care of her.
  • Jane is still sick. Mrs. Bennett comes and says she’s not THAT sick (she just wants Jane to stay at the Bingley house for as long as she can)
  • Jane stays at the Bingley house.

Chapter 10-12

  • They are all still in the Bingley house.
  • Darcy is writing a latter to his sister. Caroline Bingley is hitting on Darcy. Elizabeth just watches them.
  • Elizabeth, Darcy and Caroline all have a conversation. Darcy is kinda impressed by Elizabeth.
  • Everyone has dinner, and Jane feels better. Charles is taking good care of her.
  • Darcy starts reading a book. Caroline tries to get his attention, but he ignores her. Then Caroline gets pissed because the only time Darcy looks up from his book is to check out Elizabeth.
  • Darcy and Elizabeth chat and busting on each other (in a friendly way..they are 2 strong minded people)
  • Jane feels better and is ready to go home. Mrs. Bennett wants her to stay (so she can hook up with Charles) so she tells them she can't send a carriage for them
  • Charles doesn't want them to leave either, but he gives them his carriage.
  • Darcy is kinda mad at himself that he has let himself develop a crush on Elizabeth. He ignores her on the last day.
  • The Bennett girls go home and Mrs. Bennett is pissed they came home earlier than planned.

Chapter 13-15

  • This dude named Reverend William Collins writes a letter to Mr. Bennett (they are cousins). The Rev basically invites himself over to stay in the Bennett house for 2 weeks.
  • He is a weird funny dude. Mr. Bennett thinks he's a wackjob.
  • Rev Collins shows up. He loves the Bennett house. At first the Bennetts feel good. Then they realize that when Mr. Bennett dies, the estate goes to Rev. Collins (Mr. Bennett has no male heirs)
  • Then Rev Collins just talks with Mr. and Mrs. Bennett. He's a real sleazy charmer type.
  • They talk about how Rev Collins always has a nice word for the ladies. Rev. Collins starts talking about his compliments and how he plans them out in advance and stuff.
  • Then Rev. Collins tells everyone that Kitty Bennett has asked him to marry her. But he's interested in some other chicks.
  • Collins asks Mrs. Bennett about Jane….but she's engaged. Then he asks about Elizabeth. Elizabeth doesn't know he likes her, but he's hitting on her bigtime. They both walk into town.
  • In town, Charles Bingley and Darcy meet up with the Bennett chicks. Then they see this dude named Wickham. He is an army guy.
  • Wickham and Darcy see each other but ignore each other. This makes Elizabeth curious.

Chapters 16-18

  • Elizabeth goes to a dinner with some army dudes. At the dinner, Wickham sits next to her and tells her why he dissed Darcy.
  • Wickham is the godson of Darcy's dad. When Darcy's dad died, Wickham was supposed to get an inheritance but Darcy refused to give it to him
  • This makes Elizabeth mad. She thinks Darcy is arrogant AND a dishonest scumbag.
  • Then Wickham tells Elizabeth that Darcy is supposed to marry some chick who is his aunt's daughter (isn't that incest?)
  • Then Elizabeth tells Jane what a dishonest prick Darcy is. Jane is surprised, and Elizabeth still hates him.
  • Bingley throws a big dance party. Elizabeth is pumped. She talks with Rev. Collins whether dancing is against his religious beliefs. He says no.
  • Elizabeth really wants to dance with Wickham.
  • They all go to the dance. Elizabeth looks for Wickham but finds out he's out of town on business.
  • Darcy asks Elizabeth to dance and she accepts.
  • Bingley's sister talks to Elizabeth. She tells her that Wickham is trouble. She tells Elizabeth that Wickham screwed over Darcy. Elizabeth doesn't believe her and still thinks Darcy screwed over Wickham.
  • Elizabeth doesn't have much fun at the ball. Rev. Collins talks to Darcy and makes a jackass of himself. Then Elizabeth's mom talks about Jane and Bingley getting married.
  • This marriage news makes Darcy unhappy. He doesn't like Jane Bennett.

Chapters 19-21

  • The next day, Rev Collins then makes a BIG jackass out of himself. He asks Elizabeth to marry him
  • She says no. He thinks that ladies always say no the 1st time, but say yes after the 3rd time or so. What an idiot.
  • Then Rev Collins talks to Mrs. Bennett. She can't believe Elizabeth said no. She tells him she's a strong minded chick.
  • Rev Collins realizes he doesn't want a smart, stubborn wife. Then Charlotte Lucas (neighbor) comes over. Rev Collins starts hitting on her.
  • Mr. Wickham returns and starts hitting on Elizabeth again.
  • Caroline Bingley writes Jane a goodbye letter. She tells Jane that she hopes Charles marries Darcy's sister (Caroline doesn't want her brother to marry Jane). She also tells him that Charles is going away.

Chapters 22-24

  • Rev. Collins proposes to Charlotte Lucas. She says yes. They keep their engagement a secret.
  • But Charlotte tells Elizabeth about their engagement. Elizabeth can't believe Charlotte would marry Rev Collins the jackass.
  • Charlotte tells her she is marrying him because she just wants a nice home and stuff. She doesn't really love Collins.
  • Mr. Lucas goes over to the Bennett house to tell them his daughter is getting married. Mrs. Bennett is still pissed that Elizabeth wouldn't marry him (I don't blame her..he's a jackass)
  • So Mrs. Bennett remains mad that Elizabeth lost her chance to nab a husband. Elizabeth is concerned because Bingley is gone and now it seems like he won't marry Jane. Seems like the Bingley sisters got their wishes and he won't marry Jane.
  • Jane gets a letter from Mrs. Bingley. They are in London (far away)
  • Jane thinks there's no chance she'll marry Bingley. He is living with Darcy now and in the same house with his sister Georgina.
  • Elizabeth is pissed. She thinks Bingley's sisters and Darcy meddled with the Jane/Charles relationship on purpose and they influenced Charles to not marry Jane.
  • Wickham goes around and tells everyone what a scum Darcy is. Elizabeth doesn't think he should be spreading rumors, but she still sides with Wickham and hates Darcy.

Chapters 25-27

  • Mrs. Bennett's brother and his family come to visit for the holidays. They are the Gardiner family.
  • Mrs. Gardiner invites Jane to stay with them in London. Even though she'd be in the same town as Charles, they don't live in his "upscale" neighborhood, so she wouldn't be able to see him.
  • Mrs. Gardiner used to hang out with Darcy when she was a kid. Elizabeth tells her about Wickham.
  • Mrs. Gardiner tells Elizabeth to be careful about marrying Wickham. He is a broke dude.
  • Charlotte comes home after the wedding. She invites Elizabeth to visit.
  • Jane writes a letter from London. She tells Elizabeth she now agrees…that the Bingley sisters screwed up their relationship on purpose.
  • Elizabeth finds out Wickham has the hots for some rich chick. Elizabeth doesn’t think much about this because she still thinks Wickham is a good guy and Darcy is a prick.
  • Elizabeth goes on the trip to Charlotte’s house. She stops at the Gardiner house.
  • Elizabeth finds out that Jane is really sad. Elizabeth is mad at Darcy, Bingley and Wickham because they screwed up everyone’s life.

Chapters 28-30

  • Elizabeth gets to the house of Charlotte and Rev Collins
  • Rev Collins brags about his house. Charlotte doesn’t really care.
  • Charlotte is happy because she keeps her husband busy with other stuff, and she doesn’t have to talk with him that much.
  • Elizabeth gets to see the girl Darcy is supposed to marry. She ain’t very pretty.
  • Rev Collins, his wife, and Elizabeth go eat dinner at the Rosings house.
  • This chick named Lady Catherine (Darcy’s aunt) asks Elizabeth lots of offensive questions. Elizabeth has a sense of humor about it and doesn’t get pissed.
  • After the dinner Elizabeth and Charlotte go for a walk.
  • While walking they run into Darcy. He is there visiting his aunt.

Chapters 31-33

  • Darcy has a cousin named Col. Fitzwilliam. The colonel and Elizabeth talk that night.
  • Then Lady Catherine interrupts and their conversation is stopped.
  • They ask Elizabeth to play an instrument and sing. She belts out a tune. Darcy is attracted to her singing.
  • Lady Catherine tells Elizabeth she’s a sucky musician. Elizabeth doesn’t care. Darcy is now really attracted to Elizabeth.
  • The next day Elizabeth and Darcy are talking. They talk about Charles coming back.
  • Charlotte shows up. She can kinda see that Darcy is in love with Elizabeth. Darcy is just really confused and he can’t decide whether he likes her or not.
  • Darcy keeps seeing her and showing interest, but not very friendly. He’s kinda playing hard to get.
  • Fitzwilliam also is attracted to Elizabeth. But he can’t marry her because he’s a younger son or something.
  • Fitzwilliam slips up then. He tells Elizabeth that Darcy saved a friend from getting married to a bad girl/bad situation. Fitzwilliam tells her that there was a problem with the girls’ family (he’s talking about Jane and the Bennett family and Bingley)
  • This makes Elizabeth REALLY pissed off. She is pissed at Darcy because he broke up Jane and Charles’ relationships.

Chapters 34-36

  • Elizabeth reads all of Jane’s letters. She gets angry that Jane’s love life was ruined by Darcy.
  • Then Darcy walks in. She gives him the cold shoulder and is kinda snotty to him. Then he tells her that he loves her.
  • Then Darcy does a bonehead thing. He tries to impress her by giving reasons of the guts it took to tell her about his love. He starts telling her how she is poor and he is rich and they are in 2 different social classes….yet he loves her
  • This makes Elizabeth angry. She HATES Darcy’s arrogance.
  • She rejects his love. She gives 3 reasons: he broke up Jane and Charles, he cheated Wickham and he is arrogant.
  • He is shocked. He leaves. Elizabeth is kinda flattered that a rich dude like Darcy loves her. But she hates him for all the bad stuff he’s done.
  • The next morning, Darcy gives Elizabeth a letter. She reads it. At first she doesn’t believe it, but then her mind starts to change.
  • Darcy answers all of her accusations at him. In the letter he admits to telling Bingley to forget about Jane. He says he did it because it looked liked Jane wasn’t interested. Also, the Bennett family is nuts.
  • Then the letter talks about Wickham. Darcy says that Wickham borrowed money from him to pay for school, then gambled it away. Then Wickham tried to hook up with Darcy’s sister to get money.
  • Now Elizabeth knows that Wickham is the bad dude and Darcy is nice.
  • At first Elizabeth didn’t believe the letter. After reading it a couple times, she now believes Darcy. She just needed to read it and convince herself and put all the facts together.

Chapters 37-39

  • Elizabeth gets back to the house she’s staying at and Darcy has gone home.
  • Elizabeth walks around and sorts out her feelings. Her first conclusion is that she agrees with Darcy that her family is nuts.
  • She feels really bad that she yelled at Wickham.
  • Elizabeth finally leaves Rev Collins house. Because she doesn’t say many nice things about his house, he starts talking it up.
  • She stops at the Gardiners house. She sees that Jane is a little happier.
  • She doesn’t tell Jane all the stuff that happened with Darcy.
  • Elizabeth and Jane get home and see their younger sisters.
  • Mrs. Bennett wants to go to some beach resort where the army is staying. Mr. Bennett says no way.

Chapters 40-42

  • Elizabeth finally tells Jane about Darcy and how he loves her. She also tells her how Wickham is really the bad dude.
  • She doesn’t tell Jane about how Darcy interfered with Jane and Charles’ relationship.
  • Elizabeth tells Jane about the letter and everything. Jane kinda feels bad for Wickham and Darcy (god knows why)
  • Elizabeth and Jane talk about whether they should expose Wickham for the gambling scumbag he really is. They decide not to.
  • Then the army stationed in the town leaves. A colonel’s wife asks Lydia to go with them. She agrees.
  • Elizabeth tells her dad not to let Lydia go because she will do something to disgrace the family.
  • Mr. Bennett lets her go because he wants peace at home and doesn’t want Lydia whining all the time.
  • The night before the army leaves, there is a big dinner. Elizabeth sees Wickham there and they talk
  • Wickham is nervous because he’s not sure if Darcy told her the truth about him.
  • Then the book talks about how Mr. Bennett treats his wife like dirt. She used to be hot, but now that she’s older, he just makes fun of her.
  • The Bennett household is a mess. Elizabeth doesn’t want Lydia to go with the army people to the town of Brighton. Also, Mrs. Bennett and Kitty Bennett are whining because they wanna go.
  • Elizabeth has thoughts of Darcy again. She isn’t sure whether she wants to see him or not.
  • Then Elizabeth goes on a short summer tour with the Gardiner family. They stop by Darcy’s hometown. She doesn’t wanna go because she’s nervous about seeing him. She finds out he’s away, so she goes.
  • They go visit the Darcy "estate". Elizabeth talks with the housekeeper. The housekeeper says lots of nice things about Darcy.
  • Elizabeth changes her mind about Darcy. He doesn’t sound like a bad guy after all.
  • When they leave the house, Darcy shows up. (he wasn’t supposed to be home until the next day). Elizabeth is surprised to see him.
  • Darcy is REALLY nice to Elizabeth. He walks with her and the Gardiners. Then she and the Gardiners go back to their hotel (inn).
  • Before they leave, Darcy tells Elizabeth that Bingley is coming the next day.
  • The next day Elizabeth sees Bingley. She can tell that he still loves Jane.
  • Elizabeth meets Darcy’s sister. She’s shy.
  • Mrs. Gardiner suspects that Darcy and Elizabeth have the hots for each other. She asks around in town about Darcy. The townspeople tell her about them. Then they tell her about Wickham, who left with A LOT of debt. Darcy paid his debt (what a nice guy)
  • So the Bingleys, the Gardiners, Elizabeth and Darcy are all hanging out.
  • Caroline Bingley is being the bitch she is to Elizabeth. They talk about the army that was in the Bennett’s town and stuff.
  • Then Elizabeth and the Gardiners leave. Caroline makes some nasty comments about her. Darcy defends her and tells Caroline he thinks Elizabeth is a major hottie.

Chapters 46-48

  • Elizabeth gets a letter from Jane. It turns out Lydia ran away with Wickham. They are hiding out in England. She finds out Wickham’s own army friends don’t even trust him anymore.
  • Elizabeth is really worried. Darcy sees her and she tells him about Lydia and Wickham.
  • Elizabeth feels guilty because she trusted Wickham in the beginning.
  • Elizabeth is tearing out her hair over this problem. She realizes that Darcy is losing interest in her. She feels sad but her sister Lydia is her immediate problem.
  • Elizabeth goes home with the Gardiners.
  • She tells the Gardiners about what happened to Lydia. Then she tells them the REAL story about Wickham and what a scum he is.
  • Elizabeth gets home and finds out her dad is in London looking for the 2 elopers.
  • Mrs. Bennett is sad and crazy because her daughter ran away.
  • Elizabeth talks with Jane. Jane tells her how Wickham left the town with huge debts unpaid.
  • Jane gives Elizabeth the letter Lydia left for the family. It is a very immature letter because Lydia sounds excited about getting married to Wickham. She is too naïve/stupid to know how this screws up her family and that Wickham is a jerkoff.
  • They get a letter from Mr. Gardiner in London. Nobody has seen Wickham or Lydia.
  • Then the Bennetts get a letter from Rev Collins. The crazy jackass says they should let Lydia live her life but also throw her out to teach her a lesson.
  • Mr. Bennett comes home from London. He hasn’t seen the 2 elopers.

Chapters 49-51

  • Finally Mr. Gardiner finds the 2 lovers in London.
  • Mr. Gardiner agrees to pay Wickham’s debts. They make a deal where Wickham and Lydia are getting married and Lydia gets money from Mr. Gardiner.
  • Mrs. Bennett is happy that Lydia is getting married. She is happy that at least one of her daughters is getting married.
  • Jane tells her mom that Mr. Gardiner (Mrs. Bennett’s brother) paid for everything. But her mom is too happy to care about all this money being spent.
  • Mr. Bennett kinda feels bad that his brother in law is paying for this wedding. He agrees to chip in and give Lydia 100 pounds (English dollars) a year. That equals the amount he would spend on her anyway if she lived at home. What a greedy guy.
  • Mr. Bennett says he won’t pay for a new house for the couple OR wedding clothes (ouch). He doesn’t even want them to visit the house because he’s still pissed they ran away.
  • Mr. Gardiner writes a letter to the Bennetts. He tells them that Wickham has been stationed with the army in Northern England.
  • Jane and Elizabeth beg their dad to let Lydia and Wickham visit before they leave, just so they can see their sister.
  • Elizabeth is sad because she knows that Darcy wouldn’t marry her now because Wickham is part of the family. She really loves Darcy at this point.
  • Lydia and Wickham show up at the Bennett house. Elizabeth can see that Lydia loves Wickham a lot more than he likes her. He ran away to get away from his debts, not because of his love for Lydia.
  • Lydia tells everyone about the wedding. She gives all the exciting details. She says that Darcy was at the wedding.
  • This surprises everyone, especially Elizabeth. Elizabeth can’t understand why Darcy would be at Wickham’s wedding if he hates Wickhams guts.

Chapters 52-54

  • Mrs. Gardiner tells Elizabeth WHY Darcy was at the wedding. He tracked down Wickham in London. Then he paid his debts, he paid for the wedding, and he paid Lydia’s dowry.
  • Darcy paid all of this because he felt guilty that he didn’t tell anyone that Wickham was a real sleazebag.
  • Elizabeth is confused again about her damn emotions.
  • She talks to Wickham. Wickham tries to lie about her seeing Darcy in London. Elizabeth can’t put up with his bullshit anymore and she tells him to forget about the past.
  • Elizabeth feels kinda bad because Darcy saved her family lots of money, and she has no idea how to thank him.
  • They find out Bingley is coming back to town. Jane says she doesn’t like him anymore.
  • Bingley goes to the Bennetts house. He brings Darcy.
  • Mrs. Bennett talks about Lydia’s marriage. Elizabeth is embarrassed because the dude who bankrolled the whole thing is standing right there.
  • Bingley is definitely hitting on Jane. He still likes her. Once again, Elizabeth is confused. She doesn’t know whether Darcy is there to support his friend, or there to hit on her.
  • Mrs. Bennett has a big dinner for everyone. Bingley and Darcy both go.
  • At first Jane says she and Bingley are just friends. By the end of the night, she thinks he’s a hottie again.
  • Darcy sits next to Mrs. Bennett. Elizabeth feels like shit because it’s a stressful situation.
  • Elizabeth wants to get Darcy alone, but he turns away when she gets near him. So she doesn’t score.

Chapters 55-57

  • Bingley continues to come visit Jane at her house. Her mom keeps planning to leave them alone so they can "shag".
  • Finally after many visits, Bingley asks her to marry him. Jane says yes.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bennett are pumped because another daughter is getting married.
  • Then Lady Catherine (Darcy’s aunt) comes to the Bennett house. She talks to Elizabeth and tells her she can’t marry Darcy.
  • The reason she can’t is that Lady Catherine’s daughter has to marry Darcy. She threatens Elizabeth that if she marries Darcy, people will treat her like shit.
  • Elizabeth tells her they aren’t engaged but she can’t promise that she won’t marry Darcy. This pisses Catherine off royally.
  • Catherine tells Elizabeth that they can’t get married because the Bennett family is white trash and Darcy is upper-class, and they can'’ mix.
  • Elizabeth is pissed because Lady Catherine called her white trash. She is also worried about how much influence Catherine has over good ol Darcy.
  • Elizabeth then kinda starts believing what Catherine said. She finally decides that if Darcy doesn’t come back for her, she will give up on him.
  • Then Mr. Bennett gets a letter from Rev. Collins. He shows it to Elizabeth. The letter says that Elizabeth shouldn’t marry Darcy because Lady Catherine would be pissed. Mr. Bennett thinks its funny because he doesn’t think Darcy would like his daughter Elizabeth. But Elizabeth knows the truth.

Chapters 58-61

  • Darcy shows up to visit Elizabeth. The 2 go on a walk.
  • Elizabeth thanks Darcy for paying for Lydia’s wedding. Then she tells him she has changed her mind, and she would love to marry him.
  • Elizabeth tells him about Lady Catherine the bitch. Then Darcy tells her about how after she rejected his first proposal he did some soul searching. He used to be arrogant and cocky, but because of her, he has changed his ways and is now a nice dude.
  • Then Darcy apologizes for meddling with Jane and Bingley’s love affair.
  • Elizabeth tells Jane about her and Darcy. Jane is like "get the fuck outta here!!" (Jane is in disbelief)
  • Elizabeth doesn’t know how she’s gonna tell her family. everyone hates Darcy because Elizabeth was always talking smack about him.
  • Darcy goes to ask Mr. Bennett for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Mr. Bennett still thinks Elizabeth hates him. He is shocked.
  • Elizabeth explains everything that happened and all the misunderstandings. She also tells him how Darcy has changed and is now a sweetheart.
  • They tell Mrs. Bennett. Elizabeth’s mom is REALLY happy because her daughter is marrying a really rich dude.
  • Then Elizabeth asks Darcy to kinda timeline how he fell in love with her. He tells her it crept up on him. She was the only chick who didn’t wanna be with him. (People love things they can’t have)
  • Darcy writes a letter to Lady Catherine and Mr. Bennett writes a letter to Rev Collins to inform them that Darcy and Elizabeth are getting hitched.
  • The only thing left that Elizabeth is worried about is that her family is bunch of hicks and Darcy won’t like them.
  • The final chapter is like that thing at the end of movies that gives you updates of the characters. Jane and Bingley live on his estate. Lydia and Wickham are always broke and moving around. Darcy and Elizabeth are happily married and Darcy is giving money to Wickham.
  • Caroline Bingley is now nice to Elizabeth.



  • The title comes from the 2 main qualities of the main characters. Darcy has too much pride (he’s cocky) and Elizabeth has too much prejudice (hatred) for Darcy. As soon as they get rid of these feelings, they fall in love.
  • Even though it is obvious that Elizabeth has prejudice and Darcy has pride, they are also switched in some parts. Elizabeth sometimes has too much pride in herself and how she can never be wrong. That is why once she passed judgement on Darcy as the prick and Wickham as the good guy, she wouldn’t change it until it was too late and there were problems. Also, Darcy has too much prejudice against the Bennett family in the beginning. That is why he tries to screw up Jane and Bingley’s relationship.
  • A big theme in this book is how women back then desperately wanted to marry a rich guy. It still happens now, but back then it was a little more open and encouraged.
  • This society was all prim and proper. The gentleman obeyed social rules, like they had to ask a girl to marry them as sorta telling them they like them (Ouch…that sucks)
  • There are many different types of marriages portrayed in this book. The Bennetts have an unhappy marriage. Charlotte and Rev Collins have a kinda sham marriage. and Darcy and Elizabeth have a great marriage.