The Most Dangerous Game

Richard Connell


This is an adventure story. It deals with how people sometimes have to throw out their morals to succeed in something or survive.


Sanger Rainsford: He is a really famous hunter and author. He is an American guy.

General Zaroff: this guy is nuts. He lives on this island and hunts men for sport (instead of hunting animals)


This is a story about hunting. Rainsford is this guy who loves hunting animals. One day he shipwrecks and lands on this island called "Ship Trap Island". On the island, he meets this crazy general. The general is really rich and likes nice things. He loves hunting too, except the general has a weird brand of hunting. He hunts real men. The general lures scumbags to his island and gives them a head start, then hunts them. He likes to hunt something with reason. Rainsford is really shocked that the General does this thing. Rainsford argues that it is ok the hunt animals, but not men. Zaroff thinks that the men have no purpose on this earth and it is ok to kill them. Then Rainsford refuses to hunt with the General, so the General makes Rainsford the hunted. He either has to be the hunted or be subjected to torture by some guy named Ivan. So Rainsford runs and hides and tries to use animal instincts to survive. Then he makes his way to the Generals bedroom and kills him.