The Invisible Man

G.K. Chesterton


This is a detective story. There is a murder and some detective solves it in the end.


Laura Hope: The main chick of the story. All these guys want to marry her and it is because of her they are so competitive.

John Turnbull Angus: One of the guys who wants Laura and the guy who gets killed.

Isidore Smythe: A rich guy who wants Laura.

James Welkin: A really weird guy who wants Laura. He is the murderer.

Father Brown: He is a priest AND a detective. He solves the case in the end.


One day this guy named John Turnbull Angus goes into the cake shop where Laura Hope works. He has the hots for her and wants to marry her badly. He tries to hit on her but she tries to get him away by telling him this weird story about some of the guys in her past that hit on her.

She used to work in her dad's restaurant in his hotel. One day 2 guys came in and both wanted to marry her. The 2 guys were really ugly. She didn't want to offend them so instead of saying she didn't want them because they were ugly, she said she couldn't marry them because they were poor. So the guys went to try and get rich. One of them (Isidore) invented some robot that helps you at home. He became stinking rich. The other dude (Welkin) disappeared. But Laura still could hear his weird laugh for some reason. Then she finishes the story and Isidore (rich guy) comes into the store. He tells them he found a note that said " If you marry Smythe (Isidore), he will die" (a note intended for Laura). So John Turnbull and Isidore go back to his apartment to get a detective. They think the note is from Welkin. When they get back, Isidore finds another death threat. Isidore has 2 men stationed outside his house to watch for bad guys. John Turnbull goes to find a local detective named Flambeau. At Flambeau's house he sees Father Brown. Father Brown and John go back to Isidore's apartment and they find blood on the floor. Then they find Isidores body in the canal. Then Father Brown solves the case. Welkin dressed like a postman. He delivered the notes (unnoticed) and then went to Isidore's apartment. The 2 guys standing

outside didn't think twice about a postman coming in (not unusual). Then he killed Isidore and carried him out in his mailbag. Nasty.