The Hobbit

J.R.R. Tolkien


Tolkien was a dude who took experiences from his childhood along with his love of mythology and language and created this entire world with a tiny creature called a Hobbit. He fought in World War I. He wrote this book after the war. He wrote the Hobbit as a book for kids. Then he wrote some sequels but they werenít meant for kids. This whole "Hobbit world" had deep symbolism and wasnít really meant for kids. He died before the sequels (Lord of the Rings) were finished....his son finished them.


Bilbo Baggins: He is the main dude of the story. He is a Hobbit which means heís a tiny creature. Bilbo is supposed to represent a common man. In the beginning heís not much of a hero, but by the end heís a big hero.

Gandalf: This dude is a wizard. He is your typical wizard (old man in long robes). He can do lots of cool magic.

Thorin Oakenshield: He is the leader of the dwarves. Sometimes heís cool and heroic, other times heís an arrogant jerk.

Bard: He is the dude in town that kills Smaug the dragon. Then he wants the treasure.

Smaug: Just like every other fairytale-like story, Smaug is a dragon who is guarding treasure.

Master: This dude is a slimy greedy guy who is the leader of the town. He wants to take all the treasure for himself and only cares about saving himself.


Bilbo Baggins is a Hobbit in this place called Middle-Earth. He is a tiny little fuzzy dude who lives in a tunnel. One day this wizard named Gandalf and these 13 dwarves visit him. The dwarves wanna Go to Lonely Mountain and get their treasure back from the evil dragon Smaug. Gandalf the Wizard picks Bilbo to get it back. The dwarves thing Bilbo is a wimp, but Gandalf thinks heís can do some damage.

On their way, Bilbo finds some ring that makes him invisible. He rescues the dwarves from some trouble and they have faith in him as the hero. They all go to the mountain and Bilbo steals back SOME of the treasure. Smaug the dragon gets pissed off and goes to the town to kick some ass.

This dude in town named Bard kills the dragon. then he takes his army to the mountain to get the treasure cause he thinks the dwarves are dead. They get there and find the dwarves are still alive. Then they fight over the treasure. Bilbo takes the most expensive piece of the treasure and gives it to Bard to try and help negotiate. Now the dwarves are pissed at Bilbo. The dwarves get a group together and are ready to rumble.

Then some wolves and goblins attack (I hate when that happens). The dwarves and men join forces and kill all the wolves and goblins. Then Bilbo goes home and people think heís dead. He finally settles back into his life and has all these new friends. This story is like a bad acid trip.