The Giver

Lowry Lois


This book is a science fiction-type novel about a boy named Jonas who lives a so-called perfect world where everything is controlled by strict rules. This novel questions what is right or wrong for society, and how differences and choices make life good. Lois Lowry wrote many books including the Anastasia series. The title comes from the friend Jonas finds in his instructor. Jonas is assigned to an important position in the community and is the only one who learns the truth about the past.


Jonas: The main boy. He can see things that no one else can (no, not like dead people) and is told the truth about his world.

The Giver: He is the one who instructs Jonas. He becomes Jonasís best friend.

Lily: Little sis.

Asher: Buddy to Jonas, he is kind of a doofus, but nice.

Father: He is a good dad. He works taking care of newborns in the nursery.

Mother: Yup, sheís the mom, who does typical mom-like things and works for the Justice Dept.

Fiona: Jonasís friend.

Gabe: The baby Jonas saves.


Jonas lives in a freaky world where there are big-time rules and no one thinks for themselves. Everything is the same Ė there is no music, no color, no pain.

Jonas is assigned the job of Receiver of Memory, a big deal. He goes to see the Giver and begins to learn all about the way things used to be, like the way our world is now. Some things are great, some things suck, but nothing is the same. The more Jonas learns about having choices and the bad things that happen in his world, the more he wants to escape.

Finally, with the help of the Giver, Jonas leaves, taking his baby brother, Gabe, with him.


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