The Gift of the Magi

O. Henry


This takes place in the early 1900s, so remember: $1.87 was worth A LOT more back then than today.


Della Young: She is a poor girl, married to some guy named Jim.

Jim: Della's husband.


This chick named Della is poor and married to Jim. It is Christmas time and she wants to give him a gift. But she only has $1.87. Her income has been cut from $30 a week to $20 a week so she doesn't have much money. She really wants to get Jim a nice Christmas gift though. Then she sees herself in the mirror and has a solution. She goes to some store and sells locks of her beautiful hair to a wig shop. She gets $20 for her hair. Then she walks around trying to find a gift. She buys a really fancy chain for Jim's watch. When she gets home she makes dinner. Jim comes home and is shocked that she is now bald. But he tells her that even though she is bald he still loves her anyway. Then Jim gives her a gift. The gift is a bunch of combs and haircare products. Then she gives him his gift (watch chain). Jim tells her that he sold his watch to pay for her Xmas gift.